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"I got in the birthing tub at 7cm and thought my labor was slowing down because the pain was alleviated. The opposite was true. A few minutes later I felt like I had to push. After 20 minutes of pushing, my beautiful son was born. The midwife caught him in the water and gently pushed him underneath me. I scooped him up in my arms and he took his first breath as soon as I brought his head out of the water."

-April, mother of:

Miles Ward
Born 10/28/2004
California, USA

"I canĀ“t tell in a couple of words how much I enjoyed giving birth to our little Danika. I was so inspired by the literature I found and I knew this was the chance of a life time, to experience giving birth in a gentle, loving ambience with my husband... This is certainly one of the best moments of my life.

Thank you for providing information and inspiration to women seeking more gentle choices for their babies births."

-Catalina, mother of:

Danika Born at Home 4/8/2006
Dorval, Quebec

"Even though I knew the water was clear, I felt as if no one outside the birthing pool could see my body. I felt an extreme sense of privacy in the water." - Amy, United Kingdom

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