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Feature & Design Feedback

Fitted disposable liner

Midwives advised that a new liner for the birth was a necessity from a hygiene perspective, while allowing for mothers who wanted to do trial-runs to do them. The liner also acts as a redundant container for the water in the pool and makes cleaning up simpler. The pool comes with one liner and additional liners are available as extras.

Adjustable height

Midwives said that some mothers needed lower sides for ease of entry and exit. Just release some air from the middle chamber and top up the other two for a stable pool with lower sides.

Double-reinforced top handles

Mothers asked for handles here to give them control over their movement in the water. They are also useful for gripping during contractions and to hold onto while getting in the pool.

Soft 2" high floor chamber

Mothers wanted extra comfort on the pool floor. Any higher reduces water depth.

No drain plug

Midwives and mothers agreed that a drain plug was an unnecessary weak link in a birthing pool.

Choice of two sizes

Some mothers had limited room space, some wanted their partners to join them and some wanted as much freedom as possible in the pool. So we made the pool in Regular and Mini sizes. (THE GENTLE BIRTH COMPANY ONLY PROVIDE REGULAR SIZE AT PRESENT)

Three separate chambers

This is safer than a single chamber in the event of an accidental puncture in the pool walls.

Opaque external wall

Mothers unanimously agreed that the opaque external wall increased their sense of privacy.


Some mothers wanted to be cosseted while others wanted space, so we made the pool narrower at one end and wider at the other.

Double-reinforced handles

Mothers requested these strong handles on the outside of the pool (2 sets, uniquely positioned) for use when leaning over the side. They are angled at 30 degrees for maximum comfort.

Tested for quality, durability and stability

Each pool is factory tested to ensure that it has no defects and then 5-10% are randomly sampled and tested again by independent inspectors. The sides are strong enough to allow a 15-stone person to sit or lean on them.

Plain blue rim

Mothers said they wanted a clear space to rest their heads with no distracting text or images.

No internal handles

Midwives and mothers agreed that internal handles might obstruct full movement and prevent effective use of a liner.

No rough edges

Mothers requested that seams be smooth where they rest their heads.

Clear inside wall

Mothers liked the perception of larger space created by having a clear inner wall.

Space for partner

The Regular pool has space for your partner should they want to catch your newborn as he or she emerges.

White floor

Midwives requested a white floor to enhance visibility.

Internal seat

Mothers requested a comfortable place to sit while they bonded with their newborn.
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